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Travel Grant Application Information - CAAHP Advisor Members Only

Travel Grants for the NAAHP Annual Meeting (June 27 – July 1, 2018) will be available for application by Advisor Members through NAAHP and supported by funds from CAAHP for our Advising members to attend. Check back for travel grant information and the application link!

Mentoring Program - Request a Mentor or Volunteer to be a Mentor

CAAHP has a long-standing tradition of promoting formal and informal mentoring exchanges among members in our 12-state area. If you are interested in securing a regional mentor or serving as one, please take this questionnaire. You will be matched based on several criteria, including size/type of institution, type of office, and specific health professions advising for which you offer or seek mentoring. If you have questions, contact Mariella Mecozzi, University of Michigan, CAAHP Mentoring Initiative Chair.

More recently, the CAAHP program has been augmented by NAAHP's National Mentoring Initiative, which aims to conduct mentoring drives in conjunction with national meetings (on even years) for individuals seeking a national mentor and/or a regional mentor. For more information about the National Mentoring Initiative, contact Stephanie Ripley, Tufts University, NAAHP Mentoring Initiative Chair.

Postbacc Program Special Interest Group Formed

Jerry Putnam and Larry Sullivan are pleased to announce that NAAHP has formed a Postbacc Program Special Interest Group as a service to our members. Jodi Domsky from Bryn Mawr College has been instrumental in organizing this postbacc group and will serve as its coordinator. The following NAAHP members will serve as the regional representatives:

NAAHP regional representatives on the Postbacc Program Special Interest Group
Regional Association Representative
CAAHP Harold Bardo from Southern Illinois University
NEAAHP David Trabilsy from Johns Hopkins University
SAAHP Rob Cannon from University of North Carolina, Greensboro
WAAHP Jodi Olson from Scripps College

The purpose of this new group is to share information about postbacc programs with advisors and to provide a forum by which postbacc directors can discuss areas of mutual concern. The group will be working with national and regional meeting chairs to determine how to best share information about postbacc programs with meeting attendees. For further information contact Jodi Domsky.

Premedical Advisor's Reference Manual

Looking for a great resource in advising your students for medical school? Obtain your own copy of the Premedical Advisor's Reference Manual which includes valuable information on each US medical school, both allopathic and osteopathic, and Canadian schools. This manual includes interviewing policies, deferral and transfer policies, non-resident issues, and joint MD/PhD programs. See NAAHP's Publication page for a description and order form.

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